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From the rise of IA Signature Company Limited in 2014, recently we have accumulated and developed our expertise as well as widely comprehended how to satisfy the market need resulting in clients' successful cases in various sectors.

Due to the organic growth in performance and corporate reputation for many years lead us to the top-rank in the industry. One of our distinguished specializations is 'Internal Audit', especially for organizations which are preparing for IPO (Initial Public Offering). Not only the 'Internal Audit', but we also broaden providing internal control system design (Business System Design) and others that could cover varieties of demands.

"If someone be appropriated as the consultant for those business system design projects, it should have extensive and wide experiences to serve various expectation, thus we considered that we are appropriated as your selection."

We are unique and masterly, having good comprehension in regulations and algorithms including determined and flexible work procedure together with visions of spearheaded tools and resources lead us beyond the needs, those things happen due to our internal strength. As an outsourced leading local firm, thus the way and procedure we done are truly distinct!

Recently, we are ready to embrace exponential growth and aim to expand the success and strength of the Group Company whereby our vision is open for opportunities and changes with our stakeholders and partnership. We are “SIGNATURE GROUP”

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